Our Local Scout Campsites

We take bookings for the Ukrainian Scout Campsite at Llysfaen.  The site will take up to 150 campers with indoor accommodation for 26.  There is a large well equipped kitchen, a large dining room/hall, activity room, toilets and showers. The site is in a very secluded position close to the North Wales Coastal Path not far from the Castle Inn Quarry where rock climbing can take place.    www.ukclimbing.com/logbook/crag.php?id=1009 Charges are 3.50 per night campers,  5.00 with use of kitchen and hall, 6.00 for indoor all  per person per night which includes gas and electricity with no coin in the slot meters to worry about. Info about the Ukrainian Scouts The Ukrainian Scout Camp is held every year during the last week in  July and the first week in August. The campsite is also available for hire during the rest of the year. For more information contact Geoff Powell mail@ghpowell.co.uk

Ukrainian Campsite, Llysfaen

We are members of Plast (Ukrainian Scouts & Guides Organisation). And although we don’t have many members ( appx. 100 ) we come from all over the country ( Manchester, Nottingham, Derby, Wolverhampton, London, Scotland and the Irish Republic) We came to Britain soon after Second World War, but some of our members now are British born third generation of Ukrainians ( or Ukies as we are often referred to by others ). At first we were camping in Surrey and in the Midlands, but in 1965 we have bought the Rangemore smallholding and we have camped here ever since every year. In the seventies we had as many as 250 campers usually two or three weeks in July/August. The rest of the year (11 months) we sub- let the field (about 8 acres) to a local farmer Mr. Bob Jones for grazing or hay making. Ukrainian web site at  http://www.plast.org.uk      includes pictures of the site.

Conwy District  Campsite. This is an excellent secluded small campsite near the village of Rowen about 5 miles from Conwy. Ideal for a troop camp of no more than four patrols or a cub pack of up to 24. For more info and to book contact John Barlow. johnbarlowwales@btinternet.com

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