Anglesey Coastal Walk

2014-01-18 14.25.25                                                                             End of Walk

2013-03-16 15.42.062013-03-16 15.40.44IMG_2714 The scouts composed the following script to describe their walk round the Anglesey Coastal Path.

1.    This year we have been walking round Anglesey on the Coastal Path.

We completed the 126 mile walk in 6 weekends and one day.

2.     0n the 17th to 18th March 2013 we walked from Britannia Bridge to

Pentreath, our first 20 miles.  We spent the night at Menai Bridge

Scout and Guide Headquarters and most of us visited Menai Bridge

Chippy for our evening meal.

We also showed Penny one of the Menai Bridge Leaders how to

play Matthew,  Mark, Luke and John and had lot’s of fun,

On the Sunday we rescued a young lamb that was trapped in a fence

and it tried to follow us. Jono lost his phone,  luckily Joley was

behind and picked it up.

3.      On 30th – 31st May we walked from Pentreath to Amlwch Port 18

Miles.  This included one of the most popular paths on Anglesey

from Red Wharf Bay to  Traeth Lligwy where we camped the night.

4.       On this weekend the weather was very good and we played in a

massive sand dune on the beach,  some people went swimming

in the sea. An ice-cream van visited the campsite so we all had an


5.         On the 7th to 8th September we walked from Amlwch Port to

Church Bay 18 miles.  This was the toughest part of the walk with

a total ascent of 534 meters on the Saturday.

We camped at Cemaes Bay and most of us made a visit to the


Our favourite bit of the walk was walking right into a Nuclear

Power Station and no one seemed to care.

Another favourite bit was when Jono almost trod on a dead bird

and screamed.

6.           On 12th – 13th October we walked from Church Bay to

Holyhead Mountain, we stayed the night at Holyhead Scout

Headquarters and most of us visited the local Chippy for our

evening meal, some of us were in onesies looking like a

giraffe and a cow that had escaped from the zoo.

7.           On Sunday we walked round Holyhead Mountain, a wonderful

walk via South Stack and Ellins Tower finishing 5 miles short of

Trearddur Bay.

8.            On 16th-17th November we had a good walk passing the  lookout tower at

Rhoscolyn Head and finishing with a great sunset at Silver Bay.

Ffions dad joined us on the walk but had to go home so we took him in the

minibus to Holyhead railway station, we then noticed the chip shop so we

all took our supper back to Trearddur Bay Village Hall where we spent the

night.  Julie a scout leader from Four Mile Bridge joined us for our

sleepover and we taught her a few games and put on a bit of a show making

use of  the stage.

On the Sunday Julie joined us on the walk from Silver Bay to

Rhosneigr passing close to her house, we then passed Vally Airport and in

pouring rain finished at Rhosneigr where we were glad to meet Skip and

the minibus.

9.             On 7th-8th December we walked from Rhosneigr to the Stepping Stones

near the model village. We stayed the night at  Newborough Village Hall

where there had been a sale of work during the afternoon and they left us

some cakes. Also the chip shop was only 100yards away,  the 3 ladies

working there seemed pleased to see us.

On the Sunday we walked on to the far end of Llanddwyn Island but had to

return to the mainland quickly because the tide was coming in.

When we arrived at the stepping stones they were covered by the very high

tide so we had to walk back to the minibus leaving another days walk to

do later which would take us back to our starting point at Britannia Bridge.

10.             On 18th January we met at 8.00am so that we could be back at the

stepping stones before the tide covered them again. Some parents joined us

for this final leg of the walk which was quite wet.  After looking at the

burial Chamber at Bryncelli  we were expecting to have to walk along the

A4080 but were pleased to find a new footpath had been built in the fields

alongside the road which took us back to Nelson’s statue and on to

Britannia Bridge to complete our walk.

11.             In the evening we all met at the Afon Conwy pub for a meal with parents

and our Group Chairman who presented the certificates and badges

supplied by the          Friends of the Anglesey Coastal Path.

Then Daniel one of our Patrol Leaders who had completed the walk

presented the  Skip with a gift for organising the event, he also presented

Judy and Kathryn with gifts for their help on  various parts of the walk.

Everyone felt very pleased with their achievement.

Geoff Powell   Group Scout Leader



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